War Briefing, The

FRONTLINE takes viewers to the deadliest front in Afghanistan and across the border to the insurgent safe havens deep inside Pakistan’s tribal areas. This is where the next battles will be fought – and may be lost.

“… Rigorously reported and somberly produced, “The War Briefing” is both a diagrammatic explanation of everything that has gone wrong [in Afghanistan] over the past few years and a grim visual tour of a landscape that nature itself seems to have made impervious to the ambitions of outside occupiers. Factually the film reprises recent news reports … but at the same time it palpably delivers a sense of our narrowing options…”
– Ginia Bellafante, The New York Times

“… Has anyone done better long-form TV journalism during this election cycle than PBS’ Frontline? … “The War Briefing” looks at the complicated and troubled military legacy left behind by Bush and Cheney that the new president will have to deal with as soon as he takes office …
– David Zurawik, The Baltimore Sun

“… “Briefing” brings together journalists, diplomats and others, along with film from a cameraman embedded with U.S. Army troops in the Korengal River Valley, a major Taliban smuggling route. The result is persuasive and scary.”
– Tony Perry, Los Angeles Times

“Frontline is consistently one of the most watchable and informative newsmagazines, thanks to its literal documentary style and its reluctance to stage phoney dramatized re-creations. … The result is a tough, hard-hitting, frequently compelling program that’s well worth an hour of your time.”
– Alex Strachan, Canwest News Service

“… a sobering look at the foreign policy challenges for the next president …”
– Kevin McDonough, United Features Syndicate