Quake, The

A powerful report on Haiti’s tragedy. What can be done now, and who will do it?

“… an intelligent, conscientious, elegantly produced throwing up of the hands. That isn’t meant as a criticism. Where an American commercial broadcaster’s report on the quake and its aftermath–if there were such a thing at this point–would seek out the heroic story and the silver lining, The Quake presents despair and intractable problems while doing its part to keep the news alive. …”
– Mike Hale, The New York Times

“… while ‘Frontline’s’ ‘The Quake’ doesn’t have all the answers, it at least manages to explain the questions.”

– Ellen Gray, Philadelphia Inquirer

“… a searing, perplexing look at Haiti. … this is an instance of a TV report bearing witness, requiring us to look at death and horror. And it doesns’t flinch, as most TV reporting from Haiti obviously did.”
– John Doyle, The Globe and Mail (Canada)

“There’s no program quite like ‘Frontline’ to put a complex issue in the news into a succinct and often devastating package …”
– Roger Catlin, Hartford Courant