Dot Con

For a few heady years, it seemed that just about anyone — from institutional investors to the average person following CNBC — could make quick and easy money by putting their cash into the dreams of the Internet. What spurred the incredible dot-com bull run on Wall Street? Was the public blinded by dreams of small fortunes and easy living or did the nation’s investment banks manipulate the IPO market and exploit public trust? In “Dot Con,” FRONTLINE investigates the financial forces behind the unprecedented rise and seemingly overnight fall of the Internet economy.

“For a TV program to take a deep breath and plunge into such a complex topic, well … there are times when you say a silent thanks for Frontline.”
– San Francisco Chronicle

“You needn’t know a thing about Wall Street … to enjoy this jaw-dropping exploration of avarice and idiocy.”
– Los Angeles Daily News

“‘Dot Con’ builds a damning case — and does it at a clip that will leave you breathless. This is one bit of business everybody should mind.”
– Toronto Star

“This fascinating, chilling, infuriating cautionary tale could not possibly be more timely. ‘Dot Con’ tackles the Internet boom and bust as only “Frontline” can.”
– The Hollywood Reporter