Linda Hirsch

Linda Hirsch


Linda Hirsch is a producer with Rain Media. She is currently reporting on the Snowden revelations for PBS FRONTLINE’s three-part series on the National Security Agency. Her previous work with FRONTLINE includes The Untouchables (2013) and the Emmy Award-winning four-hour series on the financial crisis Money, Power & Wall Street (2012).

Before joining Rain Media, Hirsch worked for over a decade on news documentaries with Peter Jennings at ABC’s Peter Jennings Reporting and then at Peter Jennings Productions and The Documentary Group. During those years, she produced many award-winning, ground-breaking documentaries including The Documentary Group’s America in Primetime, a four-hour series for PBS about the history of scripted television; Peter Jennings Reporting: From the Tobacco File: Untold Stories of Betrayal and Neglect; How To Get Fat Without Really Trying, about the nation’s obesity crisis; Bitter Medicine: Pills, Profit and the Public Health, an investigation of the pharmaceutical industry; the Emmy Award-winning The Gun Fight, an investigation of the National Rifle Association; and the Emmy-Award winning episode of The Century series In Search of the Promised Land, about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Memphis Sanitation Strike. She also produced the two-hour ABC News special Earth 2100 in 2010 about the possible convergence of environmental threats in the next century.

Hirsch has worked with FRONTLINE correspondent and producer Martin Smith many times over her long career, first at the documentary unit CBS Reports and then at ABC’s Peter Jennings Reporting, where they collaborated on numerous documentaries including Peter Jennings Reporting: Rage & Betrayal: The Lives of Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols; Pot of Gold about the domestic marijuana business; and The American Game, a look at Little League baseball.

Hirsch graduated from Wellesley College and received a master’s degree in English Literature from Columbia University. She lives in New York City.