Broadcast on PBS FRONTLINE: “The Secret War”

FRONTLINE crosses the border into Pakistan, where correspondents Stephen Grey and Martin Smith go inside The Secret War against the militants. They uncover new details of a CIA “private army” of militiamen launching kill raids against al Qaeda and the Taliban inside Pakistan. They also find new evidence of covert support for elements of the Taliban by the Pakistani military and its intelligence service, the ISI. At a safe-house not far from where bin Laden was killed, they make contact with one mid-level Taliban commander who tells FRONTLINE, “If they really wanted to, [the Pakistanis] could arrest us all in an hour.”

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Airing this spring on PBS FRONTLINE: “Educating Sgt. Pantzke”

As troops return from Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. government spending on veterans’ education will more than double to $9.5 billion this year, and a growing percentage of this money has been ending up in the pockets of for-profit colleges. In a follow-up to FRONTLINE’s College, Inc., correspondent Martin Smith investigates how the for-profit schools are aggressively recruiting huge numbers of new veterans with educational promises that many now question whether they can keep.

Airing May 3 on PBS FRONTLINE: Martin Smith interview with Al Qaeda expert

After PBS FRONTLINE’s May 3 airing of Fighting For Bin Laden, Correspondent Martin Smith talks about the future of Al Qaeda with terror expert Peter Bergen, the best-selling author of three books on Osama bin Laden and the “war on terror.”

Broadcast Tues, March 29, 2011 on PBS FRONTLINE: “The Private Life of Bradley Manning”

A profile of the early years of the young soldier now accused of leaking more than half a million classified U.S. government documents.

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Exclusive: PFC Manning’s father speaks out

FRONTLINE has obtained an exclusive interview with the father of PFC Bradley Manning, who has been accused of leaking more than half a million secret documents to WikiLeaks.

You can see a preview below. See the extended clips, here.

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Broadcast Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011 on PBS FRONTLINE “Revolution in Cairo”

FRONTLINE dispatches teams to Cairo, going inside the youth movement that helped light the fire on the streets. We follow the “April 6” group, which two years ago began making a bold use of the Internet for their underground resistance — tactics that led to jail and torture for many of their leaders. Now, starting with the “Day of Rage,” we witness those same leaders plot strategy and head into “Liberation Square” to try to bring down President Mubarak. Also in this hour, veteran Middle East correspondent Charles Sennott of GlobalPost lands in Cairo for FRONTLINE to take a hard look at Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood — the most well-organized and powerful of the country’s opposition groups — as a new fight for power in Egypt begins to takes shape.

Broadcast Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 on PBS FRONTLINE: “The Spy Who Quit.”

This is Rain Media’s latest — a ten minute piece appearing at the back end of FRONTLINE’s new magazine program. If you miss it on-air, make sure to catch it online at

Martin Smith, who traveled to Afghanistan in late November to interview Amrullah Saleh, Afghanistan’s top spymaster, had this to say:

“I first met Amrullah Saleh four years ago when I was filming “Return of the Taliban” for FRONTLINE. We’ve kept in touch since. After news came that he had been forced to resign, I invited myself to his home in the Panjshir valley north of Kabul. It sits in an old village above a clear, rushing river, surrounded by mulberry groves. Amrullah was a gracious host, a terrific raconteur, and a man who likes to climb mountains before breakfast “to make his eggs and nan taste good.”

During our three day visit I asked Amrullah to explain his break with President Karzai, his views of the American military and of Pakistan As always I found him to be candid and direct. He is an unapologetic hawk who wants NATO and Afghan forces to escalate the war – more night raids, more targeting killings, more drones inside Pakistan. Many including President Karzai believe he is misguided and reckless but Amrullah insists that a greater civil war is inevitable unless the Taliban, their sponsors in Pakistan and al Qaeda are forever defeated.”